Spartan Pool Pros, Inc. was founded after years of owning and maintaining our own pools, followed by working in the pool service industry. While working for one of the local pool service companies, Todd saw first hand things that convinced him it was time for a change to the way things were done in the Pool Industry in Ocala.  We have positioned ourselves to be the leader in technology, professionalism, reliability and above all else HONESTY.

Our computerized water testing and our customized water balancing protocols make us stand our from the competition and are the ground work for providing a reliable and honest pool service program. There is nothing that can be altered, by the technician, about a water test result. No result can be changed in order to get you to spend more money. 

In the coming months we will be expanding our service area and inviting more people to join us and start having a better pool at a lower cost.

Meet the Spartan Pool Pros' Team

We may be smaller than most of our competition, but they aren't us.

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Todd Abare

President and Founder

Certified Pool Operator
Certification# CPO-651922
Certified Pool Inspector
(Applied For)


''The Online Spartan Pool Guy'