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There is no such thing as a maintenance free swimming pool. At least not any pool you would want to jump in for a swim. To ensure that your pool is the oasis of fun and relaxation you want it to be, call us. We will make sure that your pool is clear, clean and properly maintained. We have year round services available, so you will never have to worry about your pool not being ready when you are. No Contracts – so try us for a month to see if you love us!  Call today for a Free Estimate and Computerized Water Analysis.

The best time to prevent stains and issues is when your pool is brand new. Call us and we will make sure you get off to the right start.

We can take a green swamp of a pool and turn it into a beautiful and safe swimming environment. Our professional staff will have your pool from green to clean in no time.

Need someone to look after your pool while you are on vacation? We can do that... Call and talk to your staff about your needs while you are on vacation.

Did your builder tell you that you would never need to worry about chemicals? Stumped at how to operate your pool correctly or what chemicals to use when? We can help.

We are certified Jack's Magic Stain Specialists. In most cases we can remove the stains from your pool without having to drain it. Why go through the cost and hassle if you don't need to.

A green unkept pool doesn't help sell a property. We can fix those and many more problems with a unattended pool. Don't let that pool be a burden turn it into a beautiful asset.


If you find you are not satisfied with a service visit just let us know promptly and we’ll re-clean it for free. Let us know right away – within 24 hours. This will help us identify potential causes and correct this for the future.

This means we will re-clean your swimming pool free of charge and ensure all the appropriate items on your Pool Maintenance Checklist have been performed. What this means is we will not issue a refund, but will clean the pool to satisfaction.


If you have a pool, algae is going to happen sooner or later, especially here in Florida. They are open systems that are constantly exposed to the elements.  However, we work hard to make sure that is doesn’t happen to you. Our Pro+ Plan and Pro Plan Weekly Pool Service Customers are put on a algae prevention program that we maintain on every service visit. Sometime however, it still does happen, but reset assured we will correct any algae issues at no additional charge.

Exceptions to our Algae Free Guarantee include: pitted and/or worn plaster (black algae only), natural stone waterfalls that do not have enough daily circulation, lack of appropriate daily circulation, inoperative or ineffective sanitation system including in-line chlorinators or salt generating systems, landscaping in the water. The final exception is for phosphates in your pool water.  If phosphates are found in the water, they must be removed prior to any algae treatment.