Does Your Pool Look Like A Fish Pond?

Are you having a problem with a pool that has turned into a swamp?  Do you have a new house with a neglected pool? Are you a Realtor with a house you can’t sell because of a dirty pool?  No one wants to see a green pool, its repulsive to see. Green pools are a breeding ground for insect and bacteria that can genuinely pose a risk to your health. If the pool isn’t cleaned up and it sits for too long, the algae will stain the plaster of the pool.  We have the answer to all of these problems! Our crew are clean-up experts. We’ve succeeded where others have failed at turning neglected pools from green to clean. We can kill the algae and bring back clear healthy water, sometimes in as little as 24 hours. Our mobile lab gives us the ability to test for things that other providers can only guess about. 

Have you paid someone to clean your pool only to have it turn green after they left?  That’s because they didn’t take care of the underlying problem that was causing the algae in the first place. We regularly test for Iron, Copper and Phosphates. Those three cause the most headaches for pool owners. Iron and Copper will cause staining and also they are the true cause of green hair – not Chlorine. Then there are Phosphates – algae loves phosphates. The only way to get rid of the algae for good is to get rid of the phosphates in your pool.

In those cases where we can’t chemically treat the pool, we’ll drain the pool completely, pressure wash the surfaces, remove all debris and then refill the pool.

Call our office and we will come out to give you a FREE estimate. We have had success where others haven’t.

Green-2-Clean Service: $129 + Cost of Chemicals