Did you just buy a house with a pool?  Not sure where to start? Or, Do you feel abandoned by your pool installer?  Did they tell you that “You’ll never have to worry about that?” That is what our told us when we had our pool installed. That was the farthest thing from the truth I’ve ever heard. After calls that went unanswered, I decided it was time to go and learn it myself.  I made it my goal to make sure that anyone else in the same situation had someone to turn to for help.

We will be happy to come to you and go over your pool equipment with you. We will make sure that you are comfortable and know how to properly care for your pool and its equipment. Once you have graduated from our Pool School we will not abandon you, but will always be here as a resource for you.

Call our office at (352) 282-0722 for details and to schedule your Pool School.