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Are you tired of the responsibility of maintaining your pool? Are you worried about the handling the chemicals?  Scared of unhealthy water?

We have the answer for you. When you sign up for one of our pool service plans, we take the responsibility and worry off of your shoulders.  Our certified team is available to take care of your pool’s needs, ensuring a safe and inviting swimming pool.  We understand just how much work  is involved in properly maintaining a swimming pool. That’s why we offer our services and expertise, so you can relax knowing your pool will have a long and healthy life. If you are looking for a reliable expert pool cleaning and maintenance service, you have come to the right place. 

With Spartan Pool Pros, you can depend on our experienced, professional, safe pool services. We continually strive to provide our customers with the best possible services as well as beautiful sparkling swimming pools. Our service technicians hold CURRENT certifications as Certified Pool Operators. We continually train and maintain our certifications to make sure we are up to date with, and adhering to, the current industry standards.  Additionally, all of our technicians are Certified Stain Specialists.  It doesn’t matter if you need tons of help or just a little advice, we’re here and ready to help you.  Our job is to give you more time enjoying your pool and less time having to take care of it.

Our technicians fill out detailed reports on every pool service visit, so you know when your service was, what your water chemistry was and what actions your technician took while servicing your pool. We have an advanced computerized water testing system, which eliminates the guess work that many providers utilize. We design customized pool water chemistry plans for each and every pool and spa we service.

Check out our Service Plans and give us a call to schedule your first visit.

THE Spartan Pool Service PLAN

We listened to our customers when it came time to design our newest Pool Service Plan. So many people asked me why they had to pay the same price year round, when they weren’t using their pool for half of the year.  I thought about it and realized they had a point. So we came up with THE SPARTAN Plan. With it some of our clients have saved up to $500 a year or more.

For the months that your pool is not “open” your service will mirror your CHEM CARE+ plan with the addition of bi-weekly brushing.

If you are on one of our Pool Service Plans and want to see if THE SPARTAN is right for you, please give us a call.  Unfortunately, THE SPARTAN isn’t available for our customers that have heated pools.  If you have a heated pool, but are going to out of town for any length greater than a month this winter season, we have a way for you to save as well.

PRO LINE Pool Service Plan

At Spartan Pool Pros, we understand just how much work  is involved in properly maintaining a swimming pool. That’s why we offer our services and expertise, so you can relax knowing your pool will have a long and healthy life. Residents of Marion County know we can handle all of their pool and spa needs.

Our PRO LINE Plan is a year-round service plan.  It is by far our most  popular offering. PRO LINE is known in the industry as a filter, chemical and brush service.  We take care of the pool’s filter and equipment, chemicals, and brush the walls, landings, steps and floor of our pool.  We check/rinse your filter weekly and twice a year we perform chemical cleaning of the filter cartridge ($15 charge).  Our Pool Management System allows us to track and customize the chemical doses used in order to bring your pool into the ideal balance.

Unlike our competitors, we put your pool on our Algae Maintenance Program.  This gives you the added security to know you’re pool isn’t going to become a swamp and it remains blue and beautifully clear through out the entire season.  Additionally, there is the option to add a Weekly or Bi-Weekly Vacuum Service.  This means you won’t have to pick up that Vacuum all season and your pool will remain looking as beautiful as it is healthy.

CHEM CARE+ Pool Service Plan

The CHEM CARE+ Plan is perfect for our pool owners who have a screen enclosed pool and an Automatic Pool Cleaner.  With this plan we eliminate the brush service and perform a filter and chemical service. CHEM CARE+ allows us to offer our 30 Point Maintenance Plan since our technician will be checking our pool’s equipment on each visit.

CHEM CARE Pool Service Plan

The CHEM CARE Plan is for the pool owner who wants to  maintain their pool themselves, but doesn’t want to deal with the chemicals involved. We understand better than anyone the dangers that come with storing and using pool chemicals.  Some pool chemicals are highly flammable, caustic, explosive and even carcinogenic. 

Our CHEM CARE Plan means that you do not have to transport, store or come in contact with the chemicals needed to keep your pool looking so clear and clean.  Our expert Service Technicians will test and balance your pool is it is ideal.


We’re happy to be introducing our new line of Pool Service Plans. From the flagship, ‘The Spartan’ which is also our first Hybrid Plan, to the Renamed Chem Care plans we still have the widest selection in the area.  We listened to you and made these changes based on the input we were receiving. Does your pool service only offer one plan, with no options? Our plans are designed for ever situation and every budget. Call our office to set up your FREE WATER TEST AND ESTIMATE so we can show you the difference we offer over the competition.

'Our Flagship Service Plan'

'New Name But Still Great'





If you have questions about which plan is best for you, or you want to sign up for one of our Pool Service Plans, please call our office at (352) 282-0842 and we will be happy to talk about your pool and how you can save money with us!


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Our Pool Service Plans come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We want to make sure you are happy with your service.


When you select THE SPARTAN or PRO LINE Weekly Pool Service Plans we guarantee your pool will be Algae Free.

Pool Services Pricing

The prices shown are for pools of 15,000 gallons, or less, with applicable discounts. For pools larger than 15,000 gallons, add the surcharge shown for the additional pool volume below.  Our plans can be further customized to fit your individual needs with the selection of add-ons. The prices shown do not include start-up chemicals, or cleaning that may be required to bring your pool to the level where it can be released to the route. All plans are based on 48 weekly visits a year.  


*Standard Services Chemicals included in monthly rate.  These include sanitizer, pool salt, Alkalinity Increaser, pH Increaser, Calcium Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, Algaecide, Clarifier, Metal Control, and Muriatic Acid. Other chemicals required/requested will be billed separately. Please see the Pool Service Agreement for any other restrictions.