You don't have to drain your pool to get the stains out!!!

Many of our customers have tried those ‘all-purpose’ stain removers, only to find that they were too weak to actually remove any stains. For others they contacted other pool service providers who recommend acid washing to remove stains.  While this may remove some of the stains, there can be serious problems caused by the process of using acid on your pool’s plaster.  Acid washing removes the outer layers of the plaster and may not do any good. Not to mention the act of draining your pool alone can have unplanned consequences. If you have any doubts, read the waiver that those companies have you sign. Add to that the cost of having your pool acid washed, in most cases it ranges from $750 to over $2000.  Then you have to add the cost of refilling and re-balancing the water.


Acid Washing Can Cost Up To 5x Our Treatments

our drainless stain removal program

We use a 3-Step Program to Remove the Stains in your pool and preven them from coming back.


Using a simple topical test, we will identify what caused your stains and the best way to remove the stains from your swimming pool. In order to perform the test properly we will need to alter your pool's water chemistry.


Once we determine the cause of your stains and the best course of treatment, the stain removal process begins. This is done WITHOUT draining your pool and without harsh acid which can actually cause more damage to the pool surface.


Once we have removed the stains, we will return your pool water chemistry to the proper balance and show you how to prevent the stains from returning in the future.

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